Truth Ministries International

We are dedicated to change the lives of people and communities by showing God's love and care for individuals for the past 28years. We strive to restore the dignity and self-worth to the down trodden in our society, irrespective of their religion, caste, creed, race or gender.

Why Choose Us

We love because Jesus loves. His big heart for the poor drives us.
We can help structure your gift to maximize tax advantages and we will work with your professional advisor to put in place highly effective approaches to charitable giving. This work will help your gift becomes more valuable for charity activities.
Many other organisations and thousands of individuals worked with us and we offer the opportunity to connect with other donors. We hope we can create a large supportive community by our trusted.
We are a local organization with 30years of experience, our board of trustees and professional staff have broad knowledge of community issues and needs. We’ve developed successful partnerships with local and national companies across different business sectors.


Our fingerprints on the lives we touch never fade

Be The Change

Our projects

Justin’s Home

Children are a precious gift from God. From the moment of conceiving, till a child is born every parent weaves out dreams and plans about their child. They hopes the best and wishes to give him/her the very best they probably can. Our second son

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Children’s Homes

Some time ago a Hindu gentleman was asked, “Who is a Christian?” He gave an answer that was both very simple and surprising. A Christian is someone who gives of himself.
I know many Christians may not agree with this answer but this is true. God gave us His Son

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Bible Seminary

Sathyam Theological Seminary was initially started in 2003. One of the goals of Truth Ministries is to equip able men for the evangelisation in the North Indian villages and we realised that we could at least aim towards this goal with the help of a seminary.

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