Truth Ministries International

Dr. C.V.Vadavana, was a former Catholic Franciscan monk for 9 years. After his salvation experience, he became the founder & president of the Sathyam Ministries International Inc. in 1988.  His passion for the unprivileged and  poverty stricken in India has enabled Sathyam Ministries to engage mainly in charitable activities such as running orphanages, special schools for the differently abled children, mission schools, vocational training centers for women, providing 100,000 wheelchairs, relief works, sending gospel teams to various parts of India to spread the love of Jesus, serve the poor and organise church leaders conference all over India. Dr. Vadavana has written over 30 books in various languages , edited over 150 books, is an excellent  organiser and the founder of various innovations to help the downtrodden and needy in India. He is also the chief editor of the Truth Alive magazine in English and Jeeva vachanam in Malayalam .  Currently, he resides in Kerala, India with his wonderful family.

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