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Sathyam Theological Seminary was initially started in 2003. One of the goals of Truth Ministries is to equip able men for the evangelisation in the North Indian villages and we realised that we could at least aim towards this goal with the help of a seminary. Therefore in order to bring this into our dream of reaching the North Indian villages with love of Jesus Christ, Truth Ministries started Sathyam Theological Seminary on July17, 2003, at Mumbai (Bombay). The seminary was opened at the same time when the leadership conference was held at Mumbai sponsored by Truth Ministries.

Sathyam Theological Seminary was started not to add to the list of seminaries. It was not started to compete with any other seminaries in the country. It was not started with the financial promises of an individual or a church. It was started with a clear vision and direction from the Lord. It was instituted, when Truth Ministries clearly felt the need of training native missionaries and sending them out to reach the people irrespective of caste or creed or religion with the gospel of Jesus Christ. It was established when the Truth Ministries felt the need for more native trained men of God to stand in the front line of the battle field, especially in the rural areas, by equipping them through theological education. It was set up because the Truth Ministries believe that each servant of the Lord has the right to master the basic doctrines of the Bible which will also prevent the teaching and spreading of false doctrines and also being victims of it. The desire and mission of Truth Ministries is to produce good native theologians rightly dividing the word of God with a vision and passion for the lost. Our desire is that the graduates of our seminary will become the local pastors and church leaders on the front lines of evangelising India.

The first batch of students in the Sathyam Theological Seminary represented six states of the country, with a total of 26 and 20 students, respectively. It was a humbling experience to train these men in the knowledge of the Word of God knowing that these dear students of ours were going to be the pillars of the ministry in rural villages of India.The third batch of 16 students graduated on 16 March 2010 in the presence of Evg. Mathew Paul from Coimbatore and Pastor David H Mills.

At present, the seventh batch of students is being trained at the seminary. They are being educated in English and Hindi, as knowledge of both is essential for effective evangelism in North India. As part of their training, the students participate in the following programs in conjunction with their regular curriculum: Evangelistic outreach in remote villages, distribution of Gospel tracts, and preaching at open air meetings within the cities.

The students who study at Sathyam Theological Seminary are provided with free boarding and lodging and given help in many other ways as and when the faculty and staff feels the need of it. I am grateful to God for providing Sathyam Theological Seminary with dedicated teachers and staff who love the Lord and labor for Him irrespective of time and are willing to cross any hurdles for the smooth functioning of the seminary. Without their hard work and dedication, smooth functioning of the theological seminary would have been difficult.

At present the seminary is located in Kerala. In the long run, our vision is to accommodate about 500 students and to become an excellent academic as well as church planting institution in India. For this purpose, we need to construct a hostel and classrooms for students, and quarters for the faculty and staff. Hence, we prayerfully rely on God to provide us with the same.


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