Truth Ministries International

Truth Ministries is an organisation dedicated in transforming the lives of people and communities by showing God’s love and care for individuals for the past 28 years. We strive to restore dignity and self-worth to the down-trodden in our society, irrespective of their religion, caste, creed, race or gender. Our organisation is engaged in charitable activities such as running orphanages, special schools for the differently abled children, mission schools, and vocational training centers for women. We also provide free wheel chairs for the physically challenged and run a disability center. We work among the children and women in the slums and rural areas and serve humanity by caring for the homeless and victims of disaster. Through various humanitarian, educational and evangelical activities we endeavor to share the love of Christ.
To proclaim and promote the Gospel of Jesus Christ with the cooperation of believers in India and abroad, we seek to care for those in need in our country. We strive to uphold the dignity and self-worth of the down-trodden in society irrespective of their religion, caste, creed, race or gender.

We do this through:

Humanitarian Activities

  • By serving and caring for the poor, the homeless, the socially backward community and victims of calamities.
  • By providing wheelchairs to the disabled population

Educational opportunities

  • By providing free education to poor children and special children

Evangelization & church planting

  • By sharing the love of Christ in India. We do not support forced conversions.

Publishing Ministries

  • By publishing Bible and Christian literature.